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Certified Civil Trial Specialist


American Board of Trial Advocates

James G. Vander Linden

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Dear Jim,

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Details of the Recommendation: "Jim is a wonderful, dedicated, knowledgeable attorney and person. He and his entire staff help their clients from the beginning of the legal process to the settlement. It was a relief having such empowering people in your corner to help. I cannot say enough to explain the relief they truly give an injured person in their time of need."

Service Category: Attorney

Year first hired: 2010

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

 The dogs and cats in his life. Dogs: Pheobe, Kaj and Kendal, Jaba  •   Cats: Sven and Ole.

Jim and new grand daughter
Charley Gin.

At YMCA fund raiser with class of ’68 friends Dave Larson and Lee Jacobson.

Jim’s grandkids, Isaac, Ben, Charley, Alivia and Anna.


Jim's son Charlie with family dressed as
"The Duck Dynasty" for halloween.

Office summer party

Jim at a Svenska Sallskapet fishing outing on Mille Lacs this summer.

Jim and his wife Susan at the Svenska Sallskapet winter and summer parties.

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